In 2016, Abadir Academy Catania invited architect and designer Ferruccio Laviani as a visiting professor, to conduct a design workshop for the students.

The goal of this one-week event was to train and inspire the participants in a series of hands-on activities with a focus on exhibition design.

Students working in groups were invited to reflect and generate ideas for a hypothetical exhibition concerning the role and meaning of “icons” throughout history. 

Our group conceived “Lightscape”, an interactive exhibition where visitors explore a semi-dark environment and navigate the space using silhouettes of iconic archetypes of portable lights.


2016, Catania, Italy


College Project


Exhibition Design


I designed the collaterals, concept renderings and technical drawings, We conceived the idea and the mechanisms of the exhibition as a team effort.


Giorgia Bonaventura, Luigi D'amico, Carla Musumarra

a. “Apollo” by Mark Newson
b. “May Day” by Konstantin Grcic
c. “Flames”by Droog Design
d. “B.L.O” by Marcels Wanders 
e. “Minimal” by Marco Zanuso Jr.
f. Magnetic lamps attracting their attention
g. NFC sensor

1. At the entrance, hanging on the right-hand side, several silhouette lamps attract the visitors’ attention. On the back of these illuminated devices, some basic instructions explain how the exhibition works. To fully enjoy the tour, they must keep the device for the entire visit.

2. Visitors can begin to explore the environment.
The floor and the ceiling’s perimeter are illuminated sparsely by soft micro LED lights, making the room volume perceivable. As visitors get in proximity to an installation with a silhouette (fig. g), they trigger a switch that turns on the corresponding modern portable light display. The more users approach an installation with a matching silhouette device, the brighter the light’s intensity gets.

Man Holding a Poster Mockup